Sunday, June 15, 2008

etsy finds

Happy Birthday to me. Born on 6/16 at 6:16 pm. In some ways all my etsy finds are wish lists, but this one in particular would make for some great birthday gifts. (hint hint)

"Frozen"by Paola Frusteri I found these gorgeous earrings awhile back while searching for sellers from Genova. The year I spent there stands out more than any other year of my life.

MikeandMary make these sterling silver earrings with a wonderful dark patina.

I am made fun of for carrying around many bags, but I have a lot of stuff to schlep. This sassy market bag by moop would really come in handy on Saturdays.

Skinnylaminx products are all over the place lately and it's no wonder. I especially like this spoon design, and would gladly take either the tea towel or the apron.

"Swimming Pool" by Melanie Favreau. I am obsessed with this color lately. It's glorious, and happens to look good on me.

This is brilliant! I am actually pretty good at math and like doing conversions, but there are times when this chart could have saved some serious mishaps. Made by greenchairpress, a favorite of mine.

I adore the throw pillows made by joom. And this print is wonderful as well.

How many purses is too many? Surely I should have just a few more. This carriage clutch by alamodestuff would be a welcome addition. I love the handle!

"Red Barn" by Abhayah reminds me of my childhood. I helped make an amazing haunted house in a barn much like this one one Halloween.

Lois of misslo has a way with porcelain. I absolutely love these.

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alamodestuff said...

What a nice surprise to be featured on your blog. Thank you!

Love the other items you chose as well!