Tuesday, June 3, 2008

natalie bowen designs

From the beginning, introducing you to some of the very talented friends I have was part of the plan. So here, finally, is the first. Natalie Bowen is the floral designer behind Natalie Bowen Designs. We actually met about 5 years ago and worked together at Rose and Radish for awhile. Beyond her talent with flowers, she is very stylish, and possibly the nicest person ever. She's the kind of person who hand makes cards, and sends them just to say hello. She's the type of friend you wish you could be.

On occasion, I have the opportunity to be Natalie's assistant. I have patience and nimble fingers so I am frequently put in charge of boutonnieres. I can also pack a car full of flowers without breaking glass vases, so I get called in for deliveries.

Last weekend I helped with the installation for a wedding at Hotel Vitale. Clearly the view was amazing, and Natalie succeeded in extending the modern look of the terraces to the flower arrangements.

More landscapes than arrangements, she chose to use succulents, mums, bare branches and moss. You can see by the size of the succulents, that Natalie focuses on quality and ingenuity for her arrangements.

The couple was to hold the ceremony in front of these 50 candles (all of which I hand-tied on.) Natalie encourages her clients to keep the arrangements simple, allowing for the beauty of the blooms to shine.

If you would like to find out more about Natalie, or even book her for your own wedding, please take a look at NatalieBowenDesigns.com

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