Sunday, August 10, 2008

going home

My parents sold the house I grew up in during my second year of college, so spending time in my home town is always a little bittersweet. I guess that can be said for lot of people. It's very familiar, but I worry about who I might run into. Nevada City is the cutest mining town, and the Yuba river is amazing for swimming (we missed it this weekend.) We did however make it to the little farmer's market which is less than a block long, but has some wonderful organic produce.

We spent an hour or two picking blackberries. Gayle devised a great system to hold our containers, looping them through our belts.

My dad is renting a cute little apartment on an amazing farm. They have two mules, some chickens, and a gorgeous garden which is used to run a flower business.

We climbed to the top of the barn to watch the sunset. Isn't that room so cute?

And finally, I threw together a cobbler using the berries we picked. It came out perfectly so we ate some for dessert, and then had it again for breakfast. Yum.

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The Heated said...

...some of us had it again as lunch dessert the next day too. Still good.