Friday, August 22, 2008

etsy finds

So much for a theme this week. Eye candy maybe? Or things I want for myself but might buy for someone else? Anyway, it's a great list, so enjoy.

Catalina Bangle in Nautical Red by marshmallowfever $17

The Kelly by danaleblancdesigns $44

Copper RELIC Bangle (brown) by museglass $32

Oval hammered silver bangle by Istanbul Designs $68
Mid Century Stainless Mini Plates by ladies and gentlemen $15

Large Chai Tea Kit by purposedesign $38

Militario Tunic in light green by katsai $78

Pawfelts Felted Woolen Slipper by pawfelts $39

Resin Window Bangle (brown) by Jane Gallagher $291

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