Friday, April 29, 2011

where i've been

What a week. I can barely get it together to write so I think I'll leave it to the image that I managed to take in between hours upon hours of sewing. Seven neckties and 32 bow ties in 5 days. That's a record for me.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

dried beans

I've been eating more healthily recently which mostly means eating less. Less bread, fewer treats, less wine and so on. I've always liked beans but wouldn't have said they were a staple in my diet. But that's changing. I've finally figured out some ways to cook them that my wife likes so we're eating beans a few times a week. You can imagine the excitement I had (or can you?) when I came across a goldmine of heirloom dried beans at the farmer's market last week.

Generally I don't go for the shabby chic display, but this odd assortment of old pots, colanders and bowls was just right. The ladies selling the beans had written wonderful descriptions of each variety and instructions for preparing them as well as recommendations for what to eat them with. Basically, it was perfect. We tried tiny pinquinitos last week and I'm soaking some sangue de toro right now for tonight's supper. Don't know how to cook beans? It's super easy.

1) Quickly sort beans to make sure there are no small stones. Start with a cup or 2 of dried beans-they really grow.
2) Cover with cold water, beans expand so it should be about 3 inches above the beans. Add 1 tsp. salt.
3) Allow to sit for about 8 hours. I put them in water right before I leave for work and cook them when I get home.
4) Pour off the fart water. You read it right.
5) Place beans and fresh cold water in a pot. Again cover with at least 3 inches of water. Bring to a boil and then lower the heat to simmer. Cooking time varies due to beans size and how long they have been dried. Generally 45 min to an hour is good.
6) I like to saute a little chopped onion and garlic, pour in a can of whole tomatoes squashed with my hands and then the cooked beans and a good amount of salt-maybe 2 tsp. Simmer for a few minutes, add a large handful of spinach and maybe some fresh herbs. If you are really going for it, some bread crumbs and grated gruyere sprinkled over the top and 10 minutes in a very hot oven will make you very happy. If not, forget I ever mentioned cheese. You will still enjoy your dinner.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


I know I'm not alone when I say that I hate exercise. Mine seems to be a particularly long-term dislike. A year or so ago I was digging through some old papers and I came across most of the report cards from my childhood. I went to the kind of alternative school where we received lots of smiley faces and teachers really tried see each of our strengths, even when they were few and far between. This being said, it was hilarious to read what they had to say about me around age 3. It was pretty much an exact description of me now as a 31 year old-plays well with others, generous, strong maternal instinct etc. Also in writing is that I am not a morning person, it takes me awhile to warm up to the day and in generous terms it was said that I have "low vitality." Said 31 year old body is in need of a little care so I'm trying to figure out a way to get exercise that I don't loathe. Apparently walking is one of the best ways with a high success rate, so that I where I'm starting. Yesterday we took a really nice walk (don't call it a hike or I'm out) in the Berkeley Hills. Beautiful views were a definite bonus.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm working on a pile of new ties for an event next Friday. If you live in the Bay Area, Id like to invite
you to come see what it's all about. The event is F3 at the Cotton Mil Art Show. I haven't shown here before but the space is awesome, there will be fantastic art and then all of the vendors are part of the fashion world, my neckties included. Find more here. By the way, they are offering a free limo shuttle if you take BART.
Friday April 15
6-10 pm

1091 Calcot Place
Oakland, CA

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

more spring

We have had a bit of a heat wave recently. So hot in fact that I took the kids to swim in the ocean and that is something of a shock here in San Francisco. Yesterday I convinced the twins to walk all the way down the hill and back up with a bribe of frozen yogurt. They totally went for it.