Sunday, February 27, 2011

beautiful sky

I'm taking another photography class. I like the class itself, but mostly I like that it requires me to get out and make more images. I went for a walk the other night and felt completely uninspired. I was trying to catch the light during that golden hour before sunset. For 45 minutes I walked around the city not taking a single image. I kept thinking, I can take a picture of that, but why? Why would it be interesting? Just as I gave up and turned to walk home, the sky changed and all of the sudden I started shooting.

The temperature has dropped significantly in the last few days. Rumors spread widely about snow in SF which has happened about 5 times in the last 100 years. What we ended up having is intensely blue skies with puffs of clouds. They have a really wonderful texture that kept making me stop and gaze up yesterday. I spent several hours in the car driving to and from Napa, so most of these were taken from the passenger seat as we drove along.

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natalie bowen said...

what a great day that was!! thanks for always taking great photos.