Sunday, July 26, 2009

etsy finds

It's been a loooooong time since I last posted an etsy finds list. Sorry about that. My blog has been having some identity issues lately that need to be worked out. But I spent a good chunk of time browsing etsy lately (like all of Friday night I couldn't pry myself off the couch) and I found some new and very desirable goods.

tangerine creamsicle wall clock by uncommon $35

Lumberjacks by dudeandchick $4.50

Walrus Ball (Felted Wool Toy) by BeaneathTheRowanTree $10

Silhoueted Wood Coasters by peppersprouts $25

Wine Barrel Wine Rack by alpinewinedesign $60

ZIPMAT Quilted Blanket Bag by bananabarrel $59.95

Deer Trivet by peppersprouts $35

Alfabeto by beauchamping $75

Frosted Cylinder Earrings by ShySiren $14

Garden Dibble by WoodElements $16

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