Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm gay

I didn't really know I was going to go that way, but a mutual friend introduced us at a bar. She taught me how to play pool. We ran into one another about a week later, and she asked for my number. Our first date was the Dyke March 2001, and I guess the rest is history. It gets pretty crazy in our neighborhood over Pride weekend, and although we don't take part in all the activities anymore, there's something about walking to Dolores Park and seeing a sea of women, thousands of them, all standing up for who they are. This here etsy finds list is pretty gay.

Together Button by beanforest $1

U-haul Midge by heysaylor $4.25

Anatomy Lesson Oven Mitt by squaresville $10

Gay for You card by maybeyoushoulddie $5

Wooden Family-two dads by PsandQs $18

Dcorating Queen Birthday Card by mindseyecards $3.25
Harvey MIlk Shirt by Baostudio $23

Love Card-Boy and Boy by wheelerstudio $3

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